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Tiny Thoughts: ChatGPT Not So Smart

Tiny Thoughts: ChatGPT Not So Smart
Photo by Owen Beard / Unsplash
  • You’ve heard of ChatGPT by now.  It can do some pretty cool things but it’s also incredibly confident in giving you the wrong answer.  ChatGPT is a Large Language Model (LLM).  It works by predicting words and estimating meanings of those words.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot about how generative AI in general will affect knowledge workers.  I believe it will become a tool to help most of us in our jobs.  You likely won’t be replaced by AI but you will be replaced by a human who knows how to work with AI.
  • I really like describing ChatGPT as a calculator for words.  LLMs are great at generating human-like text but they aren’t meant to replace search.  These models are a compressed version of the internet.  It can provide you the “average” of what the web has to say about a topic.  And it can do it in a very convincing way.  ChatGPT is currently good at providing ideas, helping you write, summarizing content, and generating human sounding text.