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Tiny Thoughts: It's You

Tiny Thoughts: It's You
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It’s not them, it’s always you

  • Last week I mentioned my son is a fan of hitting and how frustrating that’s been.  I also mentioned how long-term relationships take work.  I’ve noticed that whenever it seems like my family is stressing me out, it’s usually because I don’t have the energy to handle it.  It’s me that’s the problem.
  • We need to prioritize self-care. Life, work, raising kids, being married are all wonderful but can be  very stressful.  You can’t control what happens to you, only how you respond to it.
  • This may be obvious. But, it’s amazing how much better I am at handling the chaos when I am recharged.  When my son bounces from dumping a bag of baby carrots all over the kitchen floor to then smacking his sisters bowl of noodles off the table, I am able to react calmly if I’m recovered.
  • Take care of yourself.  MAKE IT A PRIORITY.  You’'ll have more love and energy to give.