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Tiny Thoughts: Sometimes You Need To Pivot

Tiny Thoughts: Sometimes You Need To Pivot
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  • I started reading How Will You Measure Your Life by Harvard Business School professor, Clayton Christensen.  He also wrote The Innovator’s Dilemma, which is the only business book that Steve Jobs said “deeply influenced” him.  This book has been great so far and I have more takeaways to share in the coming weeks.
  • In business and in life we are following a strategy.  Sometimes we say our strategy is X but in reality the actual strategy we follow can be defined by how we are allocating our resources.  How do we spend our time, energy, and attention?  This is our real strategy.
  • A deliberate strategy is best for mature and stable companies.  One where the path is clearly defined.  In the context of your career, think of the path to becoming a doctor.  This is an established, mature process where a deliberate strategy would fit. We deliberately set a plan and try to follow it.
  • An emergent strategy is best when the future is uncertain or it’s the early stages of a company. You start with a direction in mind but then it is absolutely crucial to pivot as new opportunities or threats arise.  Start down a path but keep your eyes open to adjust as more information becomes available.
  • Applying an emergent strategy to your new career would have you set a rough path for yourself now.  But then keep looking for new opportunities and threats that arise.  As you take in this new information, adjust your path.
  • When I started my career, cryptocurrency was not even a word.  But it ended up being my first engineering job out of the finance world to launch my career in technology.
  • How are you allocating your resources now?  What type of strategy is most appropriate for you to follow today?  What is your strategy?
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