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Tiny Thoughts: Happiness Equation

Tiny Thoughts: Happiness Equation
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Reality - Expectations = Happiness

  • Set big goals and be ambitious in life but keep your expectations low.  Happiness comes from your reality exceeding your expectations.  This may not be the only source of happiness but it certainly feels like a big one.
  • Keep your expectations in check and practice gratitude to be more aware of how your reality is exceeding your previous expectations.
  • Remember, while right now you probably have goals that you are not achieving, if you look back to your aspirations last year how are you stacking up?  It’s a very human thing to keep moving the bar once you achieve your goal.  This can leave us in a perpetual state of disappointment or delaying gratification until we hit the next goal.
  • Adjust your current expectations, be patient for things to happen, and appreciate your reality today by being grateful for where you are.
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