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Tiny Thoughts: Think More Wisely

Tiny Thoughts: Think More Wisely
Photo by Diego PH / Unsplash
  • I stumbled across this article called the ancient trick to help you think more wisely.  Naturally, I had to click on it.  It’s about this ancient concept called illeism.  Which means to take the third person perspective when talking to or about yourself.
  • The idea is that by distancing yourself from the problem you are able to respond more objectively.
  • I encountered this concept first back in my day trading days.  Brett Steenbarger specializes in trading psychology.  He’s got so much content out there and had a huge impact on my trading career back then.  One concept I learned from him was that our self-talk can be extremely negative.  He suggested we talk to ourselves like we are talking to a friend.  Imagine your friend is asking for help with what just happened to you, how would you respond?
  • When talking to a friend or family member we are more objective because it’s not “our” problem and we are often much kinder.  More loving and empathetic.  Treat yourself this way too.