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Tiny Thoughts: Passive Income is BS

Tiny Thoughts: Passive Income is BS
Photo by Alexander Grey / Unsplash
  • It’s easy to be seduced by book titles or YouTube videos promising quick ways of making passive income.  As a kid I remember coming across my first doses of BS on this topic.  Make millions while you sit on a beach?  Sign me up!
  • Of course, I quickly learned it doesn’t work like that and have been fighting back the urge to fall for clickbait titles like that ever since.  A few weeks ago I came across this article about how Passive Income is BS.  It does a great job summarizing how I currently feel here.
  • I think the mature adult version of passive income is real estate investing.  There’s a lot of gurus and influencers out there trying to convince you it’s the best and easiest way to make “side” money.  I recently did a deep dive here and ultimately, unless you want a second job for yourself or already have skills in the real estate industry, don’t do it.
  • You either need a lot of time initially or a lot of money to make any “passive” income. When something sounds too good to be true, it is.