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Tiny Thoughts: Be Consistent, Not Perfect

Tiny Thoughts: Be Consistent, Not Perfect
Photo by Tikkho Maciel / Unsplash

  • I was talking with a colleague of mine a few months ago and they mentioned how they wanted to write a data science blog.  They were hesitant to start because they weren’t sure what to write about and they wanted to make sure they had something new to say.
  • My advice to them was to just do it.  You need to just go for it and get started.  You’ll learn so much more than you realize by trying.  You need to be consistent, not perfect.
  • You are the unique blend of the experiences of your life.  Even if you think you have nothing new to say or create, you do have a set of experiences that are uniquely yours.  This could be exactly the style or voice someone else is looking for.
  • No one is born knowing how to write a book, create a work of art, or build a company.  But by just going for it and starting, however small, you start learning how.  And eventually, by staying consistent, you get closer to perfection than if you never started at all.